TIP:Remove Hair From Your Shower Drain

Remove Hair From Your Shower Drain

Why Do This?

Sure, you may have beautiful hair that's the envy of your friends, but it's not at it's glamorous best when it's clogging up your shower drain like some miniature sea monster.

You can nuke it with chemicals, but that can not only damage your drain pipes, they can also be horrible for our planet. So here's an easy way to banish the hair monster, without any toxic chemicals.

15 minutes


To continue the sea monster analogy, we're going fishing with a coat hanger!


Wire coathanger Gloves Baking soda Water Vinegar


If your drain has a removable drain cover, take it off and give it a clean. With that removed, it's gloves on, and start clearing away any hair you can reach near the surface of the drain. Gently pull away any stands you can and try to make sure you're pulling hair out and not accidentally pushing it further down the drain.
Straighten out your wire coat hanger and make a little hook at the end. Slowly insert the hook-end into the drain, then remove it slowly while making a twisting motion. It's likely to take several attempts and you're likely to pull up all manner of weird clumps. Hang in there!
Add a mix of nature friendly drain cleaner - baking soda, water and white vinegar (or lemon juice). This will help clear out any remaining gunk that your coat hanger didn't catch.
Really have it in for that hair? Get plunging (optional). If the drain is still clogged, get enough hot water running to cover up the drain (ideally about 10cm), then pop the plunger over the drain and get plunging, steadily, for about 30 seconds. If it's still blocked, repeat for another 30 seconds.